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Wallet with fixed income

We do not plan to stop there, we always try to stay ahead of our competitors and be in a leading position in the industry.

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A better way to present your money using fully featured digital currency and now available on the team xpeed studio for It is the fastest and most scalable digital asset,

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Name Price 24 hr% change market Cap 24hr volume price graph
Bitcoin $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Bitcoin Cash $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ripple $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
IOTA $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Bitcoin Gold $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum Classic $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
OmiseGO $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Bitcoin $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Pre-Sale Starts 7/31/2018
Pre-Sale Period 7/31/2018
Pre-Sale Cap 7/31/2018
Pre-Sale Terms 7/31/2018
Token Sale Starts 7/31/2018
Token Sale Period 7/31/2018
Soft Cap 7/31/2018